Lucy French School Of Dance 
Terms and Conditions
  • A 10% sibling discount is offered, plus 10% discount per class on any multiple classes taken.
  • All classes are payable in advance on the first week of term. Fees may be paid in 2 installments if necessary.(Fees may be paid in fewer installments in exceptional cases)
  • Half a terms notice is required if you wish to withdraw your child from classes at the Lucy French School Of Dance.
  • The School has 3 terms per annum, all terms must be paid for in full regardless of absence during this term. This is especially in the case of the Summer/Show term. Pupils will not be allowed to take part in the show if fees for that term have not been paid.
  • Pupils should arrive promptly, correctly dressed and attend classes regularly. Uniform as outlined in the new uniform list is compulsory and must be worn throughout the year, not just for the show.
  • Please inform your teacher of any injuries before class.
  • During class, pupils are expected to listen. If a pupil is causing disruption, they will be asked to leave their lesson.
  • Only once the required standard is attained will students be put forward for examinations.
  • The Lucy French School of Dance does not accept  responsibility for items lost or stolen although anything we do find will be placed in lost property.
  • Fees are non-refundable apart from in exceptional cases.